The Wrong Shoes Can Cause Bunions

Many people are surprised to discover that bunions can be an issue early on in life, although they are often thought of as only affecting the elderly. Flat feet and abnormalities of the feet can lead to bunions, as can wearing incorrect shoes.

Because women tend to wear shoes with pointed toes and high heels they are more likely to get bunions than men. Often it takes an operation to treat the problems that are caused by wearing the wrong shoes or poorly fitting shoes.

What Are Bunions?

Your big toe is forced to point and bend towards the toe next to it, when you are wearing tightly fitting shoes; this bending of the toe can lead to the joint coming out of its socket. BunionsThe outer joint grows to compensate for the change of position, and the toe is forced into an unnatural position by the shift in alignment. This shifting in alignment becomes painful over time.

The mechanics of your toe are then affected by the shift in alignment and when you walk or run the tendons will be forced to bear more weight. Feet that are normal have a broad support foundation although with a foot in which the big toe is forced to bend, the toe rolls forward. The bunions then become worse once the toes bend, especially if you are wearing poorly fitting shoes. When it comes to preventing bunions, one of the most effective things you can do is wear shoes that fit properly.

Shoes that are too tight will simply make bunions more likely to develop, and you can at least minimize the chances of bunions by wearing the right shoe size.

Symptoms Of Bunions

* Some inflammation and redness caused by the big toe overlapping the toe next to it.
* Intense aching in the joint of the toe.
* A bump that sticks out along the edge of the foundation of the big toe.
* Dull ache in the joint of the toe when walking, or after walking.
* Redness or inflammation in the vicinity of the toe joint.

Treating And Curing Bunions

Although exercise that is focused on the toe and foot joints can help, you will need to have some sort of operation to get rid of bunions. You can alleviate swelling to a large extent by using anti-inflammatory medicine or an ice pack, and you can alleviate the force on the tendon by using a foam pad.

One of the easiest ways to avoid bunions or to treat them if you have them is to wear the right shoes. Avoid shoes with high heels or pointed toes and make sure they fit correctly.

Consider wearing Birkenstocks. Not only will you avoid getting bunions, but you’ll walk in comfort as well