Foot Reflexology Can Aid Your Health

Foot Reflexológy

Foot Reflexology is a practice that originated in China and dates back more than 3,000 years, though only in the last decade or so has become popular in the US. There are many people who talk about how great this practice is, but it is important to understand how foot reflexology can really help your health. There are a few things you should know.

How foot reflexology works

In this practice, there are different points on the feet that correspond to different organs in the body. Pressing on the right ones can help with different condition you are facing. For instance, if you are suffering from PMS cramps, the point for the ovaries would be pressed. While many people think this is impossible, research has shown that this can be effective in helping with many different health concerns.

Medical Issues that can Benefit from Reflexology

There are many medical conditions that can be helped. Even though it may not cure some ailments, it can at least help to relieve some of the symptoms. Some of the medical conditions it can help with include migraines, fertility issues, diabetes, constipation, sinusitis and more. With this, there are also several emotional disorders that can benefit, such as depression and anxiety.

It has even been found to help those who are going through medical treatments. It can help relieve discomfort after having surgery. It has even found to be helpful at improving the quality of life of people who are undergoing cancer treatments.

Age of Patients

The truth is that reflexology can benefit people of all ages. Studies have shown that it can be beneficial for children as well, though the study only looked at children from ages 1 to 12. Even the elderly can benefit from these treatments.

Where to Find Reflexology

There are many places where you can find a reflexology practitioner in your area. Your doctor can often give you a referral to a good practitioner. If they can’t then you can simply use a search engine to find the offices. Usually a homeopathic or alternative medicine office will offer these services.

Cost Benefits

One of the reasons that people like reflexology is that they do not have to do a ton of sessions in order to see results. You should notice them right away. The actual price for the session may vary depending on where you live as well as where you go. Keep in mind that some insurance providers may cover this, which is why it pays to look at your plan details again. Even if it is not covered, you can often get a sale or discount on the services if you know where to look. For instance, if you pay for five sessions at once, you may get a discount.

No More Medications

Reflexology can be a great option if you do not want to add more medications with nasty side effects into your body. There are no side effects to worry about and it can be quite relaxing. If you are skeptical about the results, then you may want to try just one session to see how you like it.

Reflexology Sandals

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